Dr. Scott Smith, Frankfort Kentucky Dentist

Dr. Scott Smith

Frankfort Kentucky, USA

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Dr. Smith was born in Lexington and moved to Frankfort at the age of six. From an early age, he enjoyed meeting new people and working with his hands. He has always been an avid airplane and train modeler. As a teenager, he worked as a certified nursing assistant at the local Frankfort hospital for several years which allowed him to develop complex interpersonal patient skills and a very comfortable bedside manner. He now understands that to be a very important and useful skill working as a dentist. Putting patients at ease while always maintaining a friendly professional relationship, he feels, is critical in making dental appointments a stress-free and painless experience. Dr. Smith received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Kentucky in 1986. Just before entering dental school, he married his high school sweetheart, Holly, who is a nurse. Dr. Smith graduated from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 1990.

After graduation, he moved back to his hometown and started his family and his own dental practice focusing on comprehensive dental care with a very personalized touch. He has two daughters, Ali and Abby, both of which live in Frankfort.

Dr. Smith quickly realized the learning had just started. He continued to study and completed over 300 hours of education in orthodontics. He also completed hundreds of hours in the area of dental implants and has made that an important part of his patient’s treatment. Having an interest in new and developing technologies, Dr. Smith attained his Level 2 dental laser certification in 1993 and was one of the first dentists in Kentucky to incorporate lasers into the field of dentistry. After decades of practicing and using the most advanced materials, he still feels there is more to learn. Dr. Smith has recently been certified to treat TMJ, facial and all types of headache pain using therapeutic dosing levels of Botox as a frontline treatment modality.


  • When Dr. Smith is not treating patients, he enjoys spending time outside on his farm with his family and dogs. He also has a life-long passion for building and flying giant scale remote-controlled aircraft mostly from the World War two era.


  •  Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a minor in chemistry from the University of Kentucky in 1986
  •  Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree, University of Louisville, Class of 1990
  •  Completed over 200 hours of continuing education in orthodontics
  •  Completed Category II Laser Certification in 1992