Creating Natural-Looking Dentures in Frankfort Kentucky

Creating Natural-Looking Dentures

No one wants to lose their natural teeth but sometimes teeth must be removed due to advanced gum disease, an accident, or advanced tooth decay. If this should happen to you, you need replacement teeth that are comfortable, functional, and beautiful so you can eat and smile with confidence. If you’re considering dentures, this option should be your last resort. Dr. Smith will always try to save your natural teeth first.

Dr. Smith places a high priority on creating dentures that closely mimic your natural teeth. He uses top-quality materials and produces high-end dentures. The dentures made are comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, strong, and made of materials that have greater resistance to wear and tear.

When you order dentures, you have at least two aesthetic try-in appointments. During this time, you test-drive prototype dentures to see how they will actually look, feel, chew, and affect your speech and overall comfort. Once the dentures fit your satisfaction, the lab creates a beautiful, durable final product for you.

This is an important decision and we’re here to help you if you have questions or concerns.

Imagine a new smile

When you get dentures, they become part of one of the most noticeable, intrinsic parts of you: your smile. Few features are as basic to your confidence and personality.

Dentures should help you feel more confident, with a smile that appears healthy and natural.

Don't be shy about coming in and talking to us about dentures or denture replacements. After all, it is what we do!

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