Dental Crowns in Frankfort kentucky

Benefits of a really great crown

Our Kentucky Dentist's office prescribes only the absolute best ceramic such as Emax or Empress which is fabricated by our custom lab technician we have used for three decades. Ceramic crowns do not stain or change color as they age. They should only wear slightly and at the rate as natural tooth structure. Properly placed, adjusted, and polished they should naturally blend with your existing dentition and give you years of chewing ability.

We can use crowns or caps to cover badly decayed, broken or replace missing teeth. By covering your teeth with dental ceramic in the form of a veneer or crown, you can look better or be strengthened to prevent further damage. At our office in Frankfort, Ky we have placed thousands of customized crowns over the years using the most modern ceramics and the most experienced lab technicians. Ceramic crowns do not stain or change color and can last years before replacements are needed. Properly placed, adjusted, and polished they should naturally blend with your existing teeth and give you years of better chewing ability.

Crowns are generally completed in two appointments:

  • Your teeth are anesthetized and all preparatory work is completed. Your opposing teeth are registered in a separate impression, shade analysis is completed and then your case is sent to the lab for fabrication. While the lab is making your crown, your tooth will be covered with an acrylic temporary crown.
  • Your temporary is removed and your permanent crown is bite adjusted and cemented in place.

Imagine a new smile

Crowns can change your smile dramatically and really make you feel confident when you smile. You will be amazed at how natural and life-like our crowns look. Gone are the days of the white “chicklets”.

Crowns and bridgework are solutions for major dental problems caused by accidents, disease, or wear and tear from years of grinding. The materials Dr. Smith uses to fabricate such crowns are the finest in the porcelain industry. We typically prescribe Emax or Empress ceramic. And in the hands of his master ceramist, the results are wonderful.

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