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Zoom Teeth Whitening In Kentucky

Imagine a new smile in less than an hour! AMAZING!!! That's right, If you desire a quick ‘ smile makeover,’ tooth whitening is your easiest solution for dull, discolored teeth. Dr. Smith uses Zoom whitening which is quick and convenient and consists of three 15-minute sessions that can be done in one appointment at his office.

Zoom whitening is the most popular in-office whitening system available. It consists of applying a patented Zoom gel to your teeth while activating the gel with a certain wavelength of blue light. This creates a chemical reaction that releases peroxide on your teeth and oxidizes discoloration so your teeth become dramatically whiter. It’s been used for decades and has been determined to be perfectly safe.

Imagine a new smile

Whiten your smile up to 8 shades in less than 45 minutes. Boost your confidence by having a beautiful, healthy smile.

Teeth whitening is a great way to ensure that your smile looks bright and healthy for an upcoming special occasion. Whether it’s your wedding, anniversary, birthday, or graduation - it can help you look your best.

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